Precision Tinting is family owned and operated business since 1985 and have been an industry leader in providing the highest quality window film available with outstanding service here in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding cities.

Whether you want your Automobile, Resident or Commercial windows tinted all will save energy. Our films reduce up to 99 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays and reject up to 79 percent of the solar heat that may otherwise come through a window. They also help reduce winter heat loss by reflecting up to 35 percent of indoor heat back into the room. Window tint adapts to the changes in the seasons, reflecting the hot sun in the summer and reradiating heat in the winter, so you can be comfortable all year long.

Window tinting helps to protect your automobiles interior, you home or office furnishings, drapes, carpet, and artwork from destructive ultraviolet rays that cause fading. It screens out heat, blocks out 99 percent of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and deflects harsh, uncomfortable glare while allowing glare-controlled sunlight to pass through.

Window tint is a microthin film composed of polyester and metallized coatings bonded by adhesives that is installed onto glass surfaces and because of this it provides significant solar as well as safety protection by holding glass together during destructive weather or acts of crime. Feel safer in your home, your office or automobile today by having your windows tinted!

Our films, which come from the top manufacturer such as FormulaOne, LLumar, Vista, 3M and SunTek are aesthetically pleasing. On the outside, they give your home or business a more elegant look. On the inside, our films provide glare reduction. As a leader in film technologies we provide a practical means for managing sun control and security issues of your auto, home or business.

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